© Emerald 2013 Website by Emerald Providing Help and Support My name is Liz Thompson, a counsellor and psychotherapist. Sometimes life is challenging and presents events or experiences that are troubling and threatening to our sense of wellbeing and stability. You may feel overwhelmed by external events and /or by internal feelings. Alternatively, you may feel numb and ‘cut-off’ from yourself and others, depleted and lacking in the energy and vitality you need. These and other experiences can impact on your self-esteem. Gradually there is a realisation that you are beginning to lose confidence in yourself and/or in those around you. Sometimes you know you want to make a change - to attitudes, feelings, thoughts or behaviours - and/or to the fabric of your life. You want to make these shifts but despite your best efforts, you continue to feel stuck and frustrated in your attempts to effect change. At times like this, talking about our concerns in a safe, supportive and confidential environment can help. Being really listened to and being supported and encouraged to listen to ourselves, enables new pathways, insights and inner resources to begin to emerge. As a psychotherapist, I will accompany and support you to explore the aspects of yourself and your experience that interest and/or concern you. You will be enabled to grow your capacity to understand and accept yourself and your life thus far and thus create the possibility of leaving the past behind. As you make peace with what has been, so you create the possibility of a happier and more fulfilling present and future. Liz Thompson